Do you know who the customer is?

The customer is the most important person in your business career, he is the one who maintains your productive cycle, who buys your product, who requests your service, who recommends you to friends, the reason of being of your enterprise which was created to satisfy others, in short, he is the one who sustains us, who helps us to grow, to project ourselves, therefore he deserves all the respect, kindness and excellence in the quality of service. What added value can you offer to your customer?

  1. Research for your customer: If you don’t have the solution or the timely response have the commitment to get their product, to facilitate convenient means of payment.
  2. Don’t be just another supplier, create bonds with your customers, make the difference.
  3. Listen to your customer, know their tastes, surprise them.
  4. Serve them in the best possible way.
  5. Always offer quality.
  6. When interacting in social networks, use the appropriate language, remember that what you write is read by everyone who has access to the platform.
  7. Do not make the client wait, work efficiently, comply with the times agreed in the initial negotiation.
  8. Do not give excuses, offer compensation.

At Egao Consulting our success is not measured in revenue but in happy and satisfied customers.