Do you use the tools well?

Once our project is established, an important step is to give it a corporate identity and position it in Social Networks, the media par excellence, but, do we really use them properly? First of all, let’s consider the following for an optimal use of digital resources:

  1. Separate personal contacts from corporate contacts.
  2. Keep in touch with your followers, encourage them, keep them always encouraged.
  3. Avoid displaying content that does not provide information about your Product / Service.
  4. Your social network is the image of your company, when a potential customer visits your profile and does not get clear information, appropriate content, low motivation.
  5. Do not saturate your networks with unnecessary publications.
  6. Seek advice from managers to give it your personal touch (Community Manager).
  7. Show respect, kindness and professional behavior, remember that an interested client asks questions, an appropriate answer makes or breaks a sale.
  8. If you are going to publish images of third parties, the most ethical thing to do is to request their authorization.